Does it matter if you get a local Social Security Disability Lawyer?

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A local attorney may be more accessible if they have an office near you.  Also, you will likely have more opportunities to meet with the attorney face to face.  They might be familiar with the local judges and experts that do Social Security disability hearings.  Some lawyers have nationwide Social Security law practices.  They can access information from colleagues about specific judges, and they can access national databases with information about specific judges.

More important than whether your attorney is local or not is whether they are experienced and capable.   Is your attorney is familiar with disability law?  Do they understand the medical and vocational issues in your case?  If so, they will be an effective advocate for you regardless of where their principal office is located.  Don’t hesitate to ask an attorney for their qualifications.  Two good questions to ask are how many disability clients they have represented and whether they have represented clients with your particular medical conditions.

Getting disability benefits can be an intimidating and difficult process.  Having a disability attorney that you trust will make that process less stressful.  Try making a list of the things that you want in an attorney and then find the disability attorney that best matches those qualifications.

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