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Alternative Therapies Helping Many with Cancer

More news coming out that shows many cancer patients are adding alternative therapies to the list of treatments they are receiving to combat their cancer.  Most are not using the alternative methods as their primary treatment, but rather as a supplement or part of a wider plan of therapies.  Most probably agree that anything that […]

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October is National Disability Awareness Month

The time to reflect on disability awareness has come around again as October is National Disability Awareness Month. Different institutions and organizations use October to hold events and bring the subject of disability awareness to a wider audience. Heard & Smith will participate in three events throughout the month of October to help support the […]

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Good News for 2014 COLA

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We have good news to share with Social Security Disability beneficiaries. The government recently announced the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2014, which will give most SSD beneficiaries a raise. The COLA is computed using a formula that looks at year over year increases in the Consumer Price Index. A 2014 COLA increase is good news […]

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Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Frye Discusses Problems with Disability Program

“Don’t blame the judges!”  This is the message from ALJ Frye, the president of the powerful Social Security judge union.  The judge’s are under pressure by recent press stories that make it sound like there is a big spike in claimants being awarded disability benefits.  As you can see by Frye’s comments to congress the […]

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Will There Be a 2010 Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) Increase for People With Disability Benefits?

For the last thirty years, recipients of social security disability payments have, each year, received an increase in their benefits. This increase is known as the cost of living increase.  Each year inflation is assumed to increase the cost of food, shelter and other expenses, so too in turn does the benefits granted. In 2010 […]

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Disability Rights Shouldn’t be a Political Issue

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Our national census tells us about 54 million people in the United States are living with a disability, which is about 1 in 5 Americans.  CNN’s research shows over 65 million Americans are taking care of family members with a disability.  One out of every four veterans returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq are returning […]

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Really? Report says Social Security Disability Recipients to Take 21-percent Cut

The trustees of the Social Security Administration have issued a new report that mentions the possibility of reducing disability payments to disabled Americans as soon as 2016.  This prediction should mobilize people currently on disability and those who support our nation’s disability program to write our elected officials in Washington to let them know the […]

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Promising New PTSD and Depression Treatment Lessens Symptoms

This new study suggests we may see some advances in the treatment of depression & PTSD coming soon.  With so many soldiers coming home with PTSD it’s encouraging to see the government funding some research that appears to be producing promising results. New therapy lessens PTSD, depression symptoms Marine Corps Times “In a study of […]

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