Will my Disability Attorney or Representative Complete my Paperwork for Me?

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Your disability attorney should make sure that your appeals are filed on time and that all the paperwork needed to process your claim is filed.  However, some of the paperwork for a disability claim cannot be completed without input from the client.  Social Security wants a lot of information that only the client can provide.  Examples include the client’s day to day activities, physical and mental limitations from their medical conditions, and details of their past work.

A good disability attorney should offer to help you with all of the paperwork.  Seeking Social Security disability can be a difficult and stressful process.   Your attorney’s office should make this process easier for you while increasing the chances of winning your case.  Helping you do the paperwork is one of the many ways a disability attorney can help you win your case.

The information you give to Social Security will be in your file for the entire course of your case.  What goes into that paperwork might mean the difference between winning and losing.  It’s crucial that the information reported in the paperwork clearly expresses the key facts that establish that you are unable to work and are disabled. 

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