Craft Ideas for Summer Fun!

by Joshua Eyestone on August 14, 2014 · 0 comments

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Summer is winding down and your kids need some end of summer fun activities to keep them busy with this last bit free time. We have a short list of some  at home crafting ideas we thought we would share with you to do with your kids. Here are our top favorites!

First, we will start with a couple of fun cooking activities you can do with your kids:

1. Hot dogs with noodles in them, why not? We saw this idea online and thought this was really fun for the kids. Cut up some hotdogs and stick the uncooked spaghetti noodles through the hot dogs, then boil to cook. When they are finished cooking it looks silly and fun for the kids to eat.
2. Healthy and fun popsicles! You can easily make popsicles at home with any fruit juice, or you can try chocolate milk and/or strawberry milk. Another healthy option is to use a cut up banana, this way you have no preservatives.

Next, we will focus on experiments you can do at home that are safe with adult supervision, and fun for kids and science lovers of all ages.

1. Boiled eggs anyone? Learn to suck a boiled egg in to a bottle and get it back out! Take a boiled egg and get a bottle that’s opening is comparable in size to the egg, light a piece of paper on fire and when it is burning put it in the bottle and then put the egg on top. The egg will get sucked in to the bottle and the fire will go out. To get the egg out of the bottle you have to turn the bottle up¬side down and blow in to it, the air will expand pushing the egg back out of the bottle. Very neat trick!
2. Explosions are fun! Make a volcano explosion experiment. Get a container of some kind ready to hold liquid. First put baking soda into the container, then pour in a little vinegar and watch the reaction occur. Eventually it will look like an erupting volcano!

We hope you choose to enjoy some of these fun DIY family activities with your kiddos soon. If you do, please send in photos of you and your kids and we will try to feature you in our future newsletters. Also, be sure to read next month for the six remaining at home craft projects!

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