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Our First Printed Issue: Summer 2013

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Living with a Disability is an online magazine dedicated to helping you live your life to the fullest.  Our articles cover topics like living with a disability, how to get Social Security Disability, disabling medical conditions, health & wellness issues, and disability news. Our website contains hundreds of articles, but here is the link to […]

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Ten Asthma-Improving Foods

Studies estimate that 1 in 12 Americans suffers from asthma. Although changing your diet will not cure your asthma, many patients have found that simply changing what they eat does have a positive impact on the number and severity of asthma attacks. Here are some tips on what foods will help improve your asthma. Remember, […]

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Healthy Living Tips for those with Diabetes Mellitus

November marks National Diabetes Month. We would like to take a little time to help you learn about diabetes and offer a few words of advice to those with diabetes to help them learn how to live their life to the fullest. Over 20 million people in America suffer from Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and almost […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’ve all seen the pink merchandise with the cute logos and phrases: “I love boobies”, “Fight like a girl”, etc. The message is getting out there and the disease is getting attention. But let’s put the hype aside and really pay attention for just a few moments to look […]

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How Disabilities Can Change Your Family Life

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Change can be good, but it can also be exhausting or hard to take.  Many of the biggest problems people face with their new disability is dealing with change.  Even if these changes have been forced upon you and your family, how you respond to your new situation is within your control. Stay positive, do […]

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Craft Ideas for Summer Fun!

Summer is winding down and your kids need some end of summer fun activities to keep them busy with this last bit free time. We have a short list of some  at home crafting ideas we thought we would share with you to do with your kids. Here are our top favorites! First, we will […]

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Living with Chronic Fatigue

Many people feel extremely tired from day to day and wonder what they can do to try and fix this problem so they can live a more enjoyable life.  If you are one of these people who are constantly feeling tired or fatigued you may have Chronic Fatigue (CF) Syndrome. What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? […]

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What is Accessability and How Does it Affect You?

Less than 10% of all printed material in the world is presented in a format considered “accessible” to people with low or no vision. Other types of disabilities, like dyslexia or motor-skill issues, can also limit access to web-based and electronically delivered information. That makes information accessibility an important topic for businesses and other content […]

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