How Chronic Stress Causes Mental Illness

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In a recent study on the human brain, professors at the University of California, Berkley found that chronic stress (CS) can generate long term changes in the brain. This study explains why people who suffer from CS often also suffer from mental illness. This study holds out hope that new medical practices like therapy can be developed to help those who suffer from CS and mental illnesses.

Doctors are still unsure of the cause of CS. The teams are continuing to research and appear closer to unraveling the cause of events. Throughout the study Daniela Kaufer, UC Berkeley associate professor of integrative biology, and her colleagues, including graduate students Sundari Chetty and Aaron Freidman, found that the patients suffering from chronic stress were causing their brains to produce more myelin. More myelin caused the subjects to produce more cells and a fewer amount of neurons. It appears to cause the brain to have trouble with the timing and communication to other areas of the brain.

There are other theories as well on the cause of CS. Other studies suggest that stress affects connectivity through the areas of the brain. To help folks with mental diseases much of the continuing research in this area studies people that suffer from various mental conditions such as PTSD, ADHD, Autism, suicide, and depression hope to learn more about any connection with CS. Here is the link to the full study for more information.

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