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We have pulled together over 100 frequently asked questions about Living with a Disability, Social Security Disability benefits, and disabling medical conditions.  Our Question & Answer article category is full of articles we have written that respond to common questions.  These Q&A articles are in large part made up of questions that our readers submit.

How to Find an Answer on This Website
1.    Review the Question & Answer category page to see if we have already answered this question.
2.    If you don’t find it on the Question & Answer category page then keep browsing other categories related to your topic.  See the sidebar to the right for our complete list of categories; click any that are related to your question to browse for an article on the subject.
3.    If you don’t find the answer by browsing appropriate categories, try doing a keyword search to find any content we have on your subject.  In the sidebar to the right you will find a search box, enter your keywords you are searching for and then hit the enter button for results.

How to Get Your Question Answered

By Email:  If you looked already and don’t see that we already answered your question then please send it to us.  Here is the link to our contact form where you can submit us your question.  We will do our best to respond to you with an answer, we may even use your question as a new article for this site.

By Commenting:  We also routinely read and participate in the comments that are posted below articles throughout this site.  If your question is closely related to an existing article then consider asking your question in the comments section instead of by email.  We’ll answer your question in the comments, and maybe other members of the community will too, giving you a more varied perspective which could be helpful in some areas.

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