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How to Handle a Social Security Disability Appeal

What should you do if you have the option to file a Social Security Disability appeal? Don’t pass up an appeal!  By appealing you protect your chance of receiving your full back award.  Also, appealing your case moves it up the ladder of the disability evaluation process.  At the third level you will have a […]

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Initial Application and Legal Representation

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The decision to file a Social Security disability application does not come about easily and it is not reached after mere superficial reflection. The time period that precedes the filing of disability applications is generally marked with difficulties in both the physical and economic sense. Your medical condition may be increasingly intolerable and the financial […]

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Does it matter if you get a local Social Security Disability Lawyer?

A local attorney may be more accessible if they have an office near you.  Also, you will likely have more opportunities to meet with the attorney face to face.  They might be familiar with the local judges and experts that do Social Security disability hearings.  Some lawyers have nationwide Social Security law practices.  They can […]

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Social Security Disability Forms

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Social Security Disability Forms are part of the paperwork you have to fill out during the disability application process.  You have to do some of the forms when you start your case, while others are mailed to you by Social Security after you have already started your case. The Disability Forms ask about your work […]

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Form 3441 Used to Appeal a Social Security Disability Case

If  Social Security denies your case you must fill out a Form 3441 as part of your appeal.  The form asks for updated information about your medical treatment, medications, daily activities, and if you recently worked or attended school.  When you complete a Form 3441 it becomes part of your case file.  Social Security will […]

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