About Us

Living with a Disability is an online magazine dedicated to helping you live your life to the fullest.  Our articles cover topics like living with a disability, how to get Social Security Disability, disabling medical conditions, health & wellness issues, and disability news.

This is an online publication, and similar to a real world magazine you can subscribe (it’s free) to get our new issues as they come out, and to be informed of new features and content at our website.  If you don’t subscribe then you should consider following us at Twitter, FaceBook, or other social media sites we participate with to hear about all of our new articles.

Our goal with the online magazine format is to not only provide valuable information to you, but also do it within the context of an online community.

Who Is Writing for Living with a Disability?

Living with a Disability is published by John R. Heard, a Social Security Disability lawyer with over 30 years experience representing thousands of claimants before the Social Security Administration.  John has pulled together a team of writers for Living with a Disability that is far more broad and diverse than just a handful of disability lawyers.

Over time you will read articles from contributors who are themselves disabled, and get advice and tips from them on how to live your life to the fullest.  You will also hear from social workers, nurses, psychologists, doctors and other health care professionals who can help explain medical issues.  We also expect several leaders in the field of particular disabling conditions (like the epilepsy foundation, or MS Society) to participate in our online community by posting articles, and providing leadership in their area of expertise.

In September 2010 we begin publishing with our ‘soft launch.’  During this stage we welcome readers while we continue to publish more of our core articles as we work out remaining technical issues.  Before the end of 2010 we officially launch with our second issue, an advertising campaign to bring in new readers, and at that time we will announce our Editorial Board.  To maintain high standards, Mr. Heard is personally reviewing and editing every article before its published.

We want to hear from you!

Please visit our Q&A page to send us your questions, or just post a comment on any article’s page.  We will respond, and we will do our best to answer any questions you send us!