Initial Application and Legal Representation

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The decision to file a Social Security disability application does not come about easily and it is not reached after mere superficial reflection. The time period that precedes the filing of disability applications is generally marked with difficulties in both the physical and economic sense.

Your medical condition may be increasingly intolerable and the financial hardship of not being able to work or keep a job carries with it a considerable amount of stress that is understandably taxing on anyone. By the time you decide to file this application a breaking point has more often than not been reached but unfortunately, initiating the application process generally brings forth a new set of challenges and frustrations for claimants.

Acquiring an attorney during this initial application phase can help ease the burden and stress that often seems to be a necessary component of the Social Security disability application process. With skillful guidance during this preliminary stage, your attorney will be able to help you to properly fill out forms and give you the information that you need in order to be fully informed and make proper decisions regarding your case.

The help of an attorney can help ensure that the application process goes forward smoothly but more importantly, it can help ensure that your case is properly developed so that you do not inadvertently hurt your chances of a favorable outcome towards the end of the process .

Your attorney can also help you obtain important medical evidence, such as Residual Functional Capacity assessments by your treating doctors.  This evidence improve your chances of winning sooner, and of avoiding a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

In the event that you do not win after your initial application or even reconsidered application, your forms you completed along the way will be considered again at the hearing level.  Having legal representation advise you on, and help you complete, your forms is the safest way to handle your case too.  Doing the initial steps on your own could come back to haunt you later if you didn’t take seriously your Social Security forms.

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