Ten Asthma-Improving Foods

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Studies estimate that 1 in 12 Americans suffers from asthma. Although changing your diet will not cure your asthma, many patients have found that simply changing what they eat does have a positive impact on the number and severity of asthma attacks. Here are some tips on what foods will help improve your asthma.

Remember, there are also certain foods asthmatics should try to avoid: eggs, dairy products, omega-6 fatty acids (found in processed and fried foods), and excessive salt.

Before you make any drastic dietary changes, consult a doctor or nutritionist to ensure you’re eating a balanced, healthy diet and that your new food choices won’t negatively react with any medications you’re taking.

Ten foods to improve asthma:

1. Bananas: Rich in vitamin B6, which can drastically reduce the intensity and frequency of asthma attacks, bananas are essential to any asthma-sufferer’s diet.

2. Broccoli: With high levels of quercetin, a strong natural antihistamine, broccoli also has anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Rosemary: Rosemary is high in rosmarinic acid, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which can help alleviate asthmatic symptoms.

4. Salmon: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory effects.

5. Spinach: Spinach contains a high amount of beta-carotene which combats free radicals that cause airway contractions.

6. Beans: Loaded with magnesium which scientists have linked to a decrease of wheezing in asthmatics.

7. Oranges: Vitamins C and E found in oranges and other citrus fruits help reduce histamine release and speed the breakdown of histamine in the body.

8. Red wine: Another excellent source of quercetin, a strong anti-oxidant, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory.

9. Carrots: The beta-carotene in carrots helps ease airway contractions.

10. Peppermint: As a tea, peppermint is used to help ease ailments from the common cold to digestion problems. That’s because peppermint contains rosmarinic acid, anti-inflammatory which can keep air passages open.

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