October is National Disability Awareness Month

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The time to reflect on disability awareness has come around again as October is National Disability Awareness Month. Different institutions and organizations use October to hold events and bring the subject of disability awareness to a wider audience. Heard & Smith will participate in three events throughout the month of October to help support the cause.

As a disability law firm dedicated to helping those who are entitled to disability benefits, we are always looking for events that celebrate or support the disabled community. Heard & Smith will attend AccessAbility Fest, San Fernando’s Health and Safety Fair, and The National Association of Free & Charitable clinics annual convention this month. At these events we’ll be interacting with the general public and the medical community to advocate for increased help for the disabled.

Since this is a national event, there will be many Disability Awareness Month events all around the country. In New York the Intrepid Museum is holding various events throughout the month for the public to attend. The first event will be the 2nd of October followed by events on the 14th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and lastly the 25th of October. For more information on the New York event visit: www.intrepidmuseum.org.

There are also a series of events in Pennsylvania hosted by Penn State. Penn State is celebrating throughout the month with the theme of Diversability. Diversability aims to recognize and highlight the talents and abilities of those with disabilities. The university is holding events for Diversability all month long, for more information and a schedule of the events visit: http://equity.psu.edu/ods/diversability/schedule.

In Richmond, Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University is also taking time to recognize Disability Awareness month. Beginning October 1st with Disability Awareness day followed by events on October, 9th, 11th, and the 23rd, The Dancing on Wheels Company will be hosting performances highlighting dancers with disabilities. For information visit:

These are just some of many great events that will take place all over the country. If you want help finding an event close to your home consider doing a search on the Internet or asking a friend to help you look. We hope you will take time this month to publicly show some support to the disabled community by attending an event, or through sharing your enthusiasm for disability rights with someone in your own community.

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