Seizures Can Be a Disabling Medical Condition

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A seizure is essentially a disruption to normal brain activity which can change the movements, behaviors or feelings of the person who is having the seizure. The brain and central nervous systems are continually sending and receiving messages all around the body. Sometimes there is a problem with these messages or they are disrupted. When this happens a seizure can occur. While the severity and occurrence of seizures vary from person to person, they qualify as a disabling medical condition for some people.

There are many different types of seizures. When most people think of a seizure, they imagine the kind where a person convulses on the ground. There are other types of seizures as well. An absent seizure will occur when a person will zone out, so to speak. During an absent seizure a person will stare into space on not be reactive to their environment. Absent seizures can often go unnoticed by other people. During a Tonic seizure, a person will stiffen and fall to the ground, losing control of their movement. They will not convulse, but rather lie flat and unmoving.

Many people who suffer ongoing seizures will be diagnosed with epilepsy. Fifty percent of people with this diagnosis will continue to suffer from seizures for most of their lives, while others may never have another seizure again. It is difficult for doctors to be able to tell if and when a person will suffer a seizure.

It is often hard to pinpoint the exact cause of a seizure. There can be many sources such as a head injury, a medical condition, abnormalities of the brain, drug use, or even genetic factors. Many times there is a certain trigger for a seizure, such as a period of fatigue or stress.

Treatment of Seizures

There are many drugs which can help alleviate the occurrence and severity of seizures. While this is an effective management approach for some, it will not be effective for all. For those who suffer any type of seizure, there is a serious chance of causing harm to themselves. Many are unable to drive or operate heavy machinery. This can hinder a person’s ability to work and produce an income. For others, the fear of having a seizure prevents them from taking part in normal activities within their family and community.

Why Seizures Are a Disabling Condition

If you suffer frequently from seizures, it is likely that they will have a detrimental effect on your lifestyle. However, many people who attempt to file for disability are not successful. Not everyone with seizures has the same level of problems from their seizures, or the level of frequency of occurrence.  For many people who have serious or frequent seizures, despite their being compliant with medication, they will be seriously limited in their ability to work and produce an income which could make you a stronger candidate to receive Social Security Disability or SSI benefits.

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