Form 3441 Used to Appeal a Social Security Disability Case

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If  Social Security denies your case you must fill out a Form 3441 as part of your appeal.  The form asks for updated information about your medical treatment, medications, daily activities, and if you recently worked or attended school.  When you complete a Form 3441 it becomes part of your case file.  Social Security will review it along with the rest of your file in deciding your appeal.

Completing a Form 3441 can be frustrating since it asks for information that you already gave Social Security when you started your claim.  Still, it is important that you take the time to do the form carefully and completely.  You don’t want to give Social Security a reason to deny your claim.

For example, Form 3441 asks if there has been a change in your health since you last completed a disability report.  If you don’t report changes in your health Social Security will likely decide that they were right to deny your case in the first place.  If you tell Social Security that your health is the same you will probably get the same decision as before – a denial.

As always, you should be truthful when completing forms for your Social Security Disability case.  You should also be ready to provide new information to Social Security through the 3441 form.  If you have new medical findings, like a new MRI or X-ray that shows new detail for one of your problems, you need to let them know about it.  Also, if you are now taking new medication (a new prescription), or if you have been referred to a new specialist doctor or physical therapy, let them know on your form 3441.

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