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Social Security Disability Forms are part of the paperwork you have to fill out during the disability application process.  You have to do some of the forms when you start your case, while others are mailed to you by Social Security after you have already started your case.

The Disability Forms ask about your work history and any work you have done during the period you are claiming disability.  They also ask about your day-to-day activities, which Social Security calls “ADLs” (Activities of Daily Living).

Very few people know how important the Disability Forms are when they fill them out.  The Disability Forms are part of your file for the entire life of your disability claim.  Social Security will look closely at them for evidence that you can return to work.  They will compare your Disability Forms to your medical records and your testimony at your disability hearing to see if there are inconsistencies.  One of the important roles of a disability attorney is to review your Disability Forms and help you clarify any statements that appear to contradict your other statements.

If you are pursuing disability benefits without an attorney, try to avoid some of the common mistakes made by disability applicants.  Give a full and balanced account of your Activities of Daily Living.  If you state you cannot do any housework or care for yourself at all, this will damage your case if the medical records don’t show your condition is that bad.  If you care for children or disabled adults, make sure to tell Social Security if friends or family help you.

Be careful when describing your past work.  Many people overstate their job duties and this makes it more difficult to win their case.  Don’t just give your job title; give details about what you actually did at the job.  If you simply state you were a “manager” Social Security will believe you did desk work, even if you never did.  The Disability Forms ask whether you hired and fired people at your job.  Only answer “yes” if you had the final say.  If a supervisor had to okay your decision then you did not have authority to hire and fire workers.

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