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Tips for your Social Security Disability or SSI Hearing

Dress and Attire Social Security disability hearings are less formal than other legal proceedings.  The hearings are held in a small room with at most a handful of people in the room.  Still, it’s important that you wear proper attire to show respect for the judge and the administrative process. You should not wear shorts, […]

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What to Expect from an Administrative Law Judge at your Hearing

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Social Security Administrative Law Judges (“ALJs”) are judges who specialize in deciding Social Security disability claims.  They conduct live hearings, take testimony, review medical records and other documents in your file, and make determinations on whether to grant or deny claims. ALJs are chosen based on their qualifications, test scores, and an oral examination before […]

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If I Win My Social Security Case, How Long Will it Take to Get my Benefits?

After you win a disability case the Social Security Administration must processes the claim(s) before benefits can start.  The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) that heard your case will put his or her decision in writing and mail it to the address you have on file with the Social Security Administration.  Claimants typically start receiving benefits […]

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Losing Your Social Security Disability Hearing

If your application for benefits was denied after your hearing, don’t lose hope!  The judge does not have the final say in your case, and just because one judge decided you aren’t disabled doesn’t mean you can’t win if you keep trying. If a judge denied your case you should generally appeal your case to […]

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Does it matter if you get a local Social Security Disability Lawyer?

A local attorney may be more accessible if they have an office near you.  Also, you will likely have more opportunities to meet with the attorney face to face.  They might be familiar with the local judges and experts that do Social Security disability hearings.  Some lawyers have nationwide Social Security law practices.  They can […]

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Key Players at the Hearing: Vocational Experts

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Many individuals who are going to their Social Security hearing have never been to a hearing before and are unsure of what to expect. The way in which most people envision the hearing is generally very different from the place and manner in which the hearings are conducted. Unlike the typical television courtroom scene, a […]

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How can an Attorney Help my Social Security Disability Case?

It is important to know that an attorney can help you out at every step of the claim process.  An attorney can also take your case at any point in the process as well. This help includes gathering all the necessary preliminary information that is needed in filing the initial application, filing a request for […]

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Vocational Experts: Can They Help Your Disability Case?

Vocational Experts (VEs) are intended to be impartial experts, meaning they are not out to prove or disprove your case.   Some VEs are actually independent.  They state their opinion and stick to it.  Other VEs let disability judges affect their testimony.  Judges can make it clear whether they want the VE to help them award […]

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