Make Sure your Doctor Really Does Support your SSD or SSI Disability Case

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When making a decision to file either an SSD or SSI case, it is very important to have a doctor that supports what you are trying to do.  Having a doctor that truly believes that you are disabled because of your medical condition is the best thing for your case.  It will be his/her medical records that will either win or lose your case.

If you and your treating doctor do not seem to be on the same page about your illness, he/she is not willing to write a supporting statement on your behalf, or just generally has a bad attitude about your claim it may be a good idea to change doctors.  Please keep in mind that you will be using this doctor’s medical records and statements to help you win your case.

Several times, a claimant “assumes” that his/her doctor believes that he/she is unable to work.  This is not always the case and do not assume that it is so. Make sure to have a good long discussion with your doctor about what he feels your exact limitations are.  If they are limitations that you feel are harder or above what you are capable of doing make sure to advise your doctor of this immediately.  If your doctor is unwilling to change his opinion then it may be a good idea to find a new doctor who will be fully supportive.

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