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With a little help we can all age better and stay healthier longer. By eating a more healthy diet, exercising regularly, drinking more fluids, and supplementing your diet with vitamins and probiotics you can start to take control of your health.

For starters, eating fruits, vegetables, and lean meats can help keep you healthy. This may seem obvious, but sometimes people need to get back to basics. But beware, if you prepare a healthy food in an un-healthy manner you could be undermining your ability to eat well. For example, a salad may be healthy, but a salad with a lot of heavy dressing and fried chicken on it is not. Try to eat vegetables that are grilled or raw with no sauces on them, or if you are having a salad eat it with grilled chicken and a very light amount of dressing on it.

Next, we all need to exercise regularly within any limitations set by your doctor. Whether this means going walking, running, lifting weights, doing Yoga or Pilates, doesn’t matter as much as how often you are active. As long as you are getting your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes each day doing something physical you are helping your body out. Exercise helps dramatically reduce the chances of heart disease; it also helps to produce endorphins, allows you to sweat out toxins, and burns calories. Many people who exercise regularly report that it makes them want to eat healthier too.

Also be sure to drink lots of water! Drinking lots of water is great for your body, and most other drinks do not compare. Water helps your skin. It will also make you less hungry, more energized, and help you get through your workouts without getting dehydrated.

Taking vitamin supplements and probiotics on a regular basis is a good thing so long as your doctor agrees which ones you take. As we get older supplements become a more important part of our daily routine. As people age they have a harder time overcoming illnesses. Older people are also at higher risk to get various diseases. Supplements help with our immune systems, digestive systems, and bones and joints.

It is important for people of all ages to be get direct sunlight to have a sufficient amount of vitamin D, however, it is not good for anyone to have too much of the sun’s rays. Be sure to wear sunscreen and clothes that cover you regularly since it is easy to get caught outside for hours at a time. Protecting your skin will help your skin age better and protect you from more serious hazards.

Start taking better control of your health one step at a time. As with anything else once you start making progress you will be encouraged to stick around for more of the benefits. Try making small changes at first, and do your best to stick with it. As mentioned earlier, before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine please remember to speak with your doctor.

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