Promising New PTSD and Depression Treatment Lessens Symptoms

by Joshua Eyestone on August 11, 2012 · 0 comments

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This new study suggests we may see some advances in the treatment of depression & PTSD coming soon.  With so many soldiers coming home with PTSD it’s encouraging to see the government funding some research that appears to be producing promising results.

New therapy lessens PTSD, depression symptoms

“In a study of 80 civilians and veterans, the therapy reduced PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, nightmares and irritability, as well as depression, in one to four sessions. “We’re not really sure how it works, but there are some theories, like when you are …”

PTSD affects many people each year, some of whom are coming back from wars & military service.  Anyone with severe PTSD or Depression should be getting help from doctors and counselors.  If someome with depression or PTSD can no longer function well enough to maintain a job despite treatment, then they may meet the rules for the disability program.  Disability benefits are available to those with medical problems that are unable to work.

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