Not Having Representation at Your Social Security Disability Hearing is a Mistake

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Even though Social Security Disability hearings are conducted in a relatively informal manner, they are still legal proceedings concerning a very serious issue in your life.  If you are filing for disability benefits your livelihood is at stake, and you are trying to replace your income because you are no longer able to work.  Few things are more serious than your ability to support yourself and your family.

The Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) who conduct Social Security Disability hearings for the Social Security Administration (SSA) are generally nice to unrepresented claimants.  But the first thing they must do with an unrepresented claimant, is to warn them that they probably should not proceed with the hearing without representation.

Why is it Dangerous to Represent Yourself at a Disability Hearing?

Preparation and experience are key to a successful hearing.  In another article I have already discussed how to prepare for hearings, and why that is essential.  You need to understand the law, and the rules of the SSA to be able to navigate through the hearing.  If you have not had deep experience with the laws of disability then it’s not a good idea you make your first attempt at it in such a serious case.

Remember, your livelihood is at stake in a disability hearing.  You are trying to get your future income secured now that you can no longer work.  Do you really want to risk your future over the reasonable fee you would pay an experienced disability lawyer to represent you at your hearing?

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