Bipolar Symptoms that Demonstrate Severe Cases

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Everyone has their ups and downs, our “on” and “off” days. But for a person who suffers from Bipolar Disorder, these ups and downs and ons and offs are very severe.

It affects your job performance, school studies, relationships and completely disrupts your daily life.

Bipolar disorder can  come in many levels and some cases are more severe than others. Formerly called manic depression, this mental health issue is classified as a mood disorder within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV).

Severe symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can also include phases of depression. At times, these phases are more frequent and can last longer than the manic episodes. Sadness and misery are normal reactions to depression. Loss of pleasure in any fun activity is also another reaction.

Loss of energy, excessive sleeping or lying in bed during these episode phases are the norm. Some people also experience an extreme decrease in libido.

Here are the major components of bipolar disorders:

・ Manic episodes – Extreme elation can often be associated as a manic phase of people suffering from Bipolar Disorder. They are often quite talkative and very productive. Sleep does not come easy for them and the person can also be extremely reckless and impulsive at times. Spending vast quantities of money and making spontaneous and outrageous decisions is very common. They can also be extremely creative and have a huge imagination.

・ Depression episodes – Phases of depression are also experienced by people with Bipolar Disorder. Phases of depression are more frequent and can last longer than manic episodes. While suffering from depression, the patient suffers extreme misery and sadness. At times they feel uncared for or worthless.  Feelings of pleasure are lost in most activities for many depressed people.

Depressed people also rarely leave the house, and don’t socialize much with friends or neighbors.  They usually experience excessive crying throughout their week. Weight loss is sometimes exhibited as well due to a lack of appetite and energy.  During these depression phases, people spend a great deal of time either sleeping or just lying in bed.

Suicidal thoughts are clearly another extreme symptom for a sufferer of a Bipolar Disorder. Being suicidal is obviously a deep despair, or total sense of hopelessness that require professional help and treatment.  Often feelings of indifference and self-loathing are also part of this disease.

Mania, almost the opposite of depression, is the other principal symptom of someone with Bipolar Disorder.  Mania can cause extreme creativity and productivity, but also have other reckless behaviors.  Some famous people have suffered from Bipolar Disorder. Edgar Allan Poe and Ludwig van Beethoven, were both thought to produce much of their work during Manic episodes.

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