Missing Your Social Security Disability Hearing Is a Mistake

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To get a Social Security Disability hearing scheduled in most parts of the country takes between 6 months and 2 years.  But even though people often wait over a year for their hearing, and the hearing is going to decide a serious matter that affects their ability to take care of themselves or their family, people often fail to appear for their hearings.

Of course some people will miss the hearing through no fault of their own.  Things like being hospitalized, homeless without access to mail or telephone, unable to get to the hearing site due to weather, or caring for a sick child are all reasonable reasons for missing a hearing.  Without such a good reason, you never want to miss your disability hearing.

Your Hearing Is Your Chance to Be Heard

Your initial application and reconsidered application have all been the basis for deciding your case before you get to the hearing level.  In the initial levels they are really just reviewing your forms and medical evidence.  The hearing is your chance to speak to the judge in person, and allow him or her to ask you questions regarding your limitations that keep you from working.  Your testimony, what you say in the hearing, amounts to new evidence that could help you win your benefits.

Not being present at your hearing could take away your right to be heard by the judge, and turn the hearing into another paper file review.  To be eligible for a hearing your case has had to have been denied twice already in paper file reviews, so why would you want a hearing to occur without you present when it will be just another paper file review?

You need to get to your hearing on time, be prepared for it, and be confident that you can talk with the judge about exactly how your medical problems keep you from working to make your hearing your best shot at winning your benefits.

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