Not Getting Status Updates Of Your Social Security Disability or SSI Case is a Mistake

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) and state Disability Determination Service (DDS) agencies that handle your Social Security Disability application are understaffed and cannot keep up with all the work they have.  This is the reason for the delays in getting a decision in disability cases.  Although much of the delay is due to the under staffing of these agencies, part of the delay is due to claimants, or people who file for disability benefits.

If you file for disability and then move and don’t update your address with the SSA or DDS that is evaluating your case, you could have just caused a delay in your decision that could add months to your case.  These overworked people will make minimal attempts to locate you, and then your case will just sit in a pile of cases that are not moving forward towards a decision, or even worse, they could deny you for lack of information.

Everyone Needs To Do Their Part to Keep Their Case Moving Forward

Not only do you need to share any new contact information with the SSA or DDS that has your disability file, you also need to go to any scheduled interviews or doctor exams (consultative examinations) that they set for you.  If you do not do these things your case could stall out, and take longer to get a decision.

Requesting Status Helps Keep Your Case Moving Forward

When you have a disability lawyer they can usually tell you the DDS or SSA status on your case because they get periodic updates from the agencies.  They will know if your case is moving forward as planned, or if it is stalled due to something being due that isn’t complete.

When you handle your case on your own you should make calls to DDS or SSA (based on who has your application), and ask them the status of your case.  They should be able to tell you if that is a normal status, or if it indicates you owe them something to keep the case moving closer towards a decision.  Do not let 60 days go by without inquiring about your case, either with the disability agency or your disability attorney.

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