How do you Qualify Medically for SSD or SSI Under the Listings?

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Everyone’s case is different and the method of review of your case will depend on what medical condition or group of physical and mental conditions you are alleging.   Social Security will review your entire record in detail to see what conditions are being alleged and to see how your case will be decided. They will look for evidence of the severity of your case as well as what your specific physical or mental limitations are.

It is possible that your condition is severe enough to meet a Listing of Impairment which will automatically entitle you to benefits.  The Listings of Impairments are a group of listed impairments that are considered severe enough to prevent an individual from working.  The Listings are broken up into major body systems and are very specific and have exact criteria that must be met in or to meet or medically equal a listing.

If your case goes to a hearing, the judge will be the one making that decision usually along with the help of a medical expert who will review your file and give his/her opinion as to whether a listing was met.

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