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School’s Out For Summer, Keep the Kids Busy!

by Editorial Board on June 3, 2014 · 2 comments

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This a very exciting time of year for children since they are wrapping up their 2013-2014 school year. It is always fun for the first week in Summer when the kids enjoy playing and spending more time together, but as the weeks pass the kids will start to get bored. Being at home all day often times leads to too much TV time. It is better for your kids to be out and about through the day which is why we came up with this list of fun outdoor activities for this Summer that you and your kids can do together at home for little to no cost.

1.Play side-walk chalk games – buy side-walk chalk at the store and draw out games such as hop-scotch on the driveway or side-walk for an afternoon of fun in the sun
2.Go on a nature scavenger hunt – set up some fun things around your back yard and send your kids on a nature scavenger hunt to find them all with clues you provide
3.Set up a backyard obstacle course – using things from around the house or yard you can set up a fun obstacle course for your kids and their friends, then time the obstacle course races to see who can finish fastest
4.Start a lemonade stand – help your kids make some lemonade and cookies and sit outside with them as cars pass by and buy some lemonade, be sure to let the kids buy something special with their earnings
5.Make your own hula hoop – buy a hula hoop from the store and let your kids decorate it and make it their own
6.Go on a bug hunt – You can research different kinds of bugs with your kids and then go outside and try and find them on a bug hunt
7.Set up a temporary tattoo parlor – buy a bunch of temporary tattoos and let your kids have friends over and have a temporary tattoo party
8.Have a water balloon piñata – fill up a bunch of water balloons and tie them onto a string and hang it up from a tree, then let your kids and their friends try and break the balloons like a piñata while blind folded
9.Set up glow in the dark bowling – get 6 full water bottles and put a glow stick in each one and set them up like pins at the bowling alley and try to knock them down in a fun game of night bowling using a soccer or basketball as your outside bowling ball
10.Play water balloon baseball – Fill up lots of water balloons and get your kids and friends to play a game of water balloon baseball, if you break the balloon it’s a home run

All of these games are kid friendly when supervised by an adult. Remember to prepare fun activities for you and your kids to get the most fun out of this summer. If you do any of the fun activities from our list be sure to take a picture and send it in, we might publish it in our next newsletter. Have a great summer!

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