How To Treat Depression By Thinking Outside The Box

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When many people think of how to treat depression, they immediately picture a therapist and antidepressant medications. While these can be valuable aspects of a treatment plan, there are now many effective alternatives that are gaining in popularity. Remember, you should always consult a doctor before beginning an alternative or complementary treatment. However, these methods can greatly assist in healing and recovery.

For those who are averse to using pharmaceuticals, there are many natural depression remedies available. One of the most well-known is St John’s Wort, an herb in the Hypericum genus. This plant has been clinically proven to be effective in treating depression, and often has fewer side effects than antidepressants. However, like any medication it can have serious side effects in some patients and may interact with other medications, so it is important to consult a doctor before taking it. However, St John’s Wort is available over the counter in many countries. Traditional Indian and Chinese healers also have specific herbs and teas used to treat depression.

Many people are also beginning to examine their diets for causes of depression. It is no secret that in today’s world many people do not get all of the nutrients they should. Depression has been linked to low levels of B and D vitamins, folic acid, and iron. Many people have helped to heal their depression by paying more attention to their diet or taking supplements if necessary. Many people also report excellent results after using Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of self-healing through diet and herbs.

Yoga, meditation, and depression support groups are also becoming increasingly popular. Yoga encourages movement and fitness, as well as having a meditative component that may make it more effective than other forms of exercise. Meditation calms the mind and body, and has been proven to reduce stress and sadness. Depression support groups can provide a social outlet and the knowledge that the patient is not alone. Since many people with depression feel isolated, this can help a great deal. Acupuncture is also growing in popularity as a treatment, and there is some clinical proof that it is effective in treating depression.

Depression affects approximately 121 million people worldwide, yet many people are too afraid or ashamed to seek treatment. Fortunately, there are many alternative methods for people wondering how to treat depression. With the many approaches and treatments available today, treating depression is more successful than ever.

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