What Can You Expect If You Win Social Security Disability Benefits?

by John R. Heard on September 6, 2010 · 0 comments

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Winning Social Security Disability benefits can be a huge help to most people.  As a disability lawyer I am in the business of helping people win their benefits, so I often hear questions about what exactly you get when you win.  Here are the details of the Social Security Disability program.

When You Win Social Security Disability benefits …

  • You will get a monthly income check from Social Security
  • You may be eligible to get a back award payment
  • You will get government health insurance (Medicaid, or Medicare)
  • Your family members may be eligible to receive auxiliary benefits (children of a disabled person)
  • You may receive an annual Cost of Living Increase in most years that increases your monthly check

Many of the details about what you win depend on what exactly you file for, and what you have won.  Some people qualify for SSI only, or SSDI only, while others qualify for both.  Every person’s eligibility for benefits is different based on their age, income, and work history.

With Social Security Disability the eligibility rules are pretty complex.  Many people will need help just understanding the rules about whether they should apply or not.  Most disability law firms offer free consultations to answer these questions in a short phone call.  If you are curious about your chances you should get professional help to evaluate your potential case.  After a short discussion you will know what benefits you may be eligible for.

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