It Seems like Social Security Disability and SSI Cases take Forever to be Decided

by John R. Heard on August 2, 2010 · 0 comments

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Social Security Disability and SSI cases do seem to take forever, especially to a claimant who is on the verge of losing their home or having difficulty feeding their family.  Unfortunately, the process does take an excessive, but necessary amount of time to arrive at a decision.

Each claim is taken very seriously and it can take several months for a disability examiner to review medical records, forms, work history, education and other personal information of each claimant in order to reach a fair and fully informed decision.  While the length of time it takes to get to a hearing has been notably reduced in recent years, it is of no consolation to the claimants who have to wait a year or more to schedule a hearing and consequently have to wait over a year to receive their benefits, if they receive them at all.  Keep in mind that you want the disability examiner to look very closely at your claim and make an unprejudiced decision.  It is understandable that each claimant expects the same treatment of their claim.

There are hundreds of claimants applying for their Social Security benefits and each one is handled on an individual basis.  The development and progression of each case takes a tremendous amount of time given the high volume of cases filed every day.

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