Lupus Flare Ups and Severe Episodes That Limit Your Ability to Work

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Lupus is an auto-immune disorder.  When someone has lupus, their body is unable to tell the difference between antigens, or foreign cells, or their own bodies cells or tissues. As a result the body’s immune system is constantly attacking itself, which can cause a whole range of medical problems. Lupus is also a disease that both exacerbates and settles down at different times. There may be periods of inactivity when there is no sign of the lupus, then frantic periods during a flare up when the lupus becomes so bad you are unable to work.

Lupus and SSI and SDI Social Security Disability Payments

There are four types of Lupus, most who qualify for SSI and SDI payments will have Lupus Erythymatosus, a condition that one in four thousand people suffer from. There is no specific test for lupus, rather a group of symptoms which must be met. During a period when the lupus is active, one or several of the bodies organs may be affected.

Lupus Flare Ups and Severe Episodes

Severe episodes of Lupus will mean that you are not able to work in most cases. The period of time that you will be effected by the flare up will vary quite substantially. Many people are denied SSI and SDI benefits on the basis that they are unable to prove their Lupus is severe enough to stop them from working simply because the lupus was in remission at the time of application. For this reason it is very important to have detailed doctor’s notes when you do have severe episodes.

Many people even with a lupus diagnosis have had to fight hard for their SSI and SDI disability payments. If this is something you are looking at applying for, you may wish to get an attorney to represent you which will increase you chances of a successful outcome.

Being aware of what the early symptoms of a lupus flare up is important, not only to your health but also because it can help you get the benefits that you are entitled to. Lupus can affect many different parts of the body.  You may think that your lupus has flared up, but you may in fact be suffering from an everyday run of the mill common cold, or just be a little worn down.  Keep a diary of flare up related symptoms and signs so you can begin to understand what is a lupus related flare up.

Many Lupus flare-ups begin with pain in the joints and swelling. You may feel like you are coming down with the flu. Skin rashes, fatigue and a run down or worn out feeling are reported by around 80% of those diagnosed with Lupus. It’s best to get to a doctor as early as possible, as lupus flare-ups can be prevented or lessened in severity with the use of immunosuppressant drugs, and a your treating physicians notes will become part of your disability application should you ever need to file for Social Security Disability benefits.

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