How to Find an Attorney for your Social Security Disability Case

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Finding a good  disability attorney is like finding any other professional.  Many times you can ask around, and get recommendations from friends.  But what if your friends have not been through something that required them to get a Social Security Disability attorney?  After all, most people have never filed for disability benefits.

If you do not get a recommendation for a reputable disability lawyer from friends, family, or neighbors, then maybe you can just get a recommendation for any good lawyer.  Most lawyers network with other lawyers, and they can usually point you in the direction of someone who can help you if you ask for a referral.

Social Security Disability law is a very specialized area of law that changes frequently.  Although any licensed attorney can represent you in your case, you are better off working with attorneys who handle Social Security cases as the bulk of their practice.  Someone who does hundreds of disability cases every year is going to have much more experience than the person who only handles a handful of disability cases each year.

How to choose a good disability attorney?

Learn about the attorney and their firm by reading their biographies on their website, or call the firm and ask for information to be mailed to you.  Look for law firms that have a history representing Social Security Disability clients, and not firms that do everything including disability law.  Look for lawyers that have a passion for their work, someone who will be ready to fight for you.  If firms or attorneys are not ready to share their background with you then you should move on to the next attorney on your list.

Seek out experienced help.  It isn’t necessary that you find an attorney with 10 or more years experience to find a great attorney.  A well trained attorney in a firm surrounded by more experienced attorneys can also do a great job.  Larger firms usually have solid training in place that shares the wealth of knowledge and experience across the firm, and they also have high volume practices that can give new lawyers years of experience in just months.

Finally, seek out lawyers who are constantly improving their legal skills.  One way to do this is notice what groups they are members of when you read their biography.  Check to see if they are a member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives or NOSSCR (the national Social Security Disability lawyer association).  Also, find out if your prospective lawyer attends conferences where they learn more about disability law from the best lawyers in the country.  Most dedicated Social Security Disability lawyers will attend one or more conferences every year as a way to stay sharp.

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