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Beck Anxiety Inventory Test: How Severe is Your Anxiety?

The Beck Anxiety Inventory Test is a common method of assessing the severity of anxiety and is widely used throughout the medical profession. Also referred to as the Beck Anxiety Inventory, this test has been in use in various versions since being published in 1961.  Even today this test is very important for those who […]

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PTSD Symptoms & Treatment Options

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The advances in the treatment and understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have come a long way since the condition was officially recognized in 1980. Many health care professionals recognized the effects of experiencing or witnessing extreme traumatic events for many years, but until the US Government officially recognized the condition there were very few […]

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What are Anxiety Treatment Options?

A condition must be both severe and long-lasting in order to qualify you for disability under Social Security guidelines, so it is natural to wonder if there is any hope of recovering enough to return to work. If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits due to anxiety, you have been found incapable of meeting […]

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Schizophrenia Symptoms & Treatment Options

Up to one percent of the worldwide population is affected by schizophrenia. For most, the symptoms will begin to show in the late teens to early twenties, however for others they can appear later in life. This mental illness occurs equally across sex and race. Schizophrenia is described by those in the medical and psychiatric […]

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Promising New PTSD and Depression Treatment Lessens Symptoms

This new study suggests we may see some advances in the treatment of depression & PTSD coming soon.  With so many soldiers coming home with PTSD it’s encouraging to see the government funding some research that appears to be producing promising results. New therapy lessens PTSD, depression symptoms Marine Corps Times “In a study of […]

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Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Anxiety

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Almost 4 million Americans suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder and finding the right treatment for anxiety is not always easy. The most common disorder is the generalized anxiety disorder, commonly referred to as GAD. Like the term implies, this anxiety is not focused on any particular situation or object. In general, GAD is […]

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Anxiety Disorders Can Lead to Social Security Disability Benefits

Anxiety is a very normal reaction to everyday stress.  It is a natural reaction that helps you cope mentally and be prepared in any given stressful situation. Problems occur, however, when the stress experienced becomes excessive and prolonged, and this can lead to psychiatric problems related to excessive anxiety. Anxiety disorders are classed as Organic […]

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How To Treat Depression By Thinking Outside The Box

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When many people think of how to treat depression, they immediately picture a therapist and antidepressant medications. While these can be valuable aspects of a treatment plan, there are now many effective alternatives that are gaining in popularity. Remember, you should always consult a doctor before beginning an alternative or complementary treatment. However, these methods […]

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