Alternative Therapies Helping Many with Cancer

by Joshua Eyestone on August 11, 2012 · 0 comments

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There is always hopeMore news coming out that shows many cancer patients are adding alternative therapies to the list of treatments they are receiving to combat their cancer.  Most are not using the alternative methods as their primary treatment, but rather as a supplement or part of a wider plan of therapies.  Most probably agree that anything that works and is endorsed by a doctor should be considered.  Here’s a recent article on the subject.

More patients turn to alternative therapies as part of treatment

“Up to two-thirds of people with cancer use some sort of alternative therapy, says O’Rourke, who agrees with Caplan that there isn’t a lot of research behind much of it. “Mr. Burns’ experience is wonderful, but it remains for me a single …”

If these alternative therapies are working they should be studied further, and doctors should continue to recommend them to patients desperate for help.  Folks with cancer should ask their doctors for advice on alternative therapies that could help.  Reading about new therapies online could be a good source of ideas, but before trying anything new its important that your doctor agrees a treatment is safe given your condition and other medications.

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